Canadian home improvement program
Basement renovation and financing program
  • Access trusted contractors
  • Compare multiple quotes
  • Multiple financing options
  • NO Down Payments!
  • 12 Months NO payments!
  • The best rates
  • Complete it™ (Built-in protection program)
When contractors compete, you win!
Trusted contractors evaluate your project
You choose the best quote
Start your renovation project with $0 down
Calculate Your Monthly Payments
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Source: Calculations based on research of The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC)
Calculation based on interest only payments 6.99 APR
Basement Remodel Cost
Average monthly payments


Your home market value
+{{formatPrice(basementCost + totalProfit)}}
Your total profit (after renovation)
Basement Size
Who is a CANAHO's trusted contractor?
Canaho's clients are eligible for the Complete it™ protection program. We protect your project by paying the contractor by stages, facilitating the project's completion.
Canaho's trusted contractors have a lot of experience in the filed, being able to deliver your home improvement project with the highest quality in the market and make you a proud homeowner.
All of our trusted contractors are licensed and insured.
What is Complete It™ protection program

3-way Canaho's legal contract protects customers and contractors

Payment schedules tied to specific milestones keep jobs moving forward

Trusted contractor get paid in stages


  • Renovate with 0 dollars down
  • Access trusted contractors
  • Improve your living space
  • Increase your home equity
  • Take advantage of deferred payment plans
  • Get fast approvals
  • Avoid hidden fees
  • Avoid double charges

How it works

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Check if you
step 2
3 minute
step 3
Sign an agreement
with lawyer
step 4
Choose trusted
step 5
Enjoy your
renovated basement